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Graphing Calculator Software

"PentaCalc Pro is really 10 calculators in one. Besides the standard 10-key job, it's a monetary powerhouse, incorporating calculators for cash flow, investment and amortization, bonds, and interest-rate conversions." - InfoWorld Magazine.

  • 10-Key Calculator Functions with Live Tape Feed
  • Scientific, Financial and Unit Conversions.
  • Business Calculator 
  • Time Value of Money, Cash Flow, Depreciation
  • Municipal bonds, corporate bonds and treasury bills.
  • Programming and Statisics Calculator
  • And last but not least... it's a graphing calculator as well.

Journal of Accountancy.

"The versatile PentaCalc Pro replicates a 10-key calculator." Learn more...

Compatible with Microsoft windows
3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista &
Windows 7.
16,32 and 64-bit operating systems